Dr. Robert DiSilvestro - Part 4



What would you say to the student that does not believe because of their suffering?

A conversation with Dr. Robert DiSilvestro

Episode Description:

In the final part of our interview with Dr. DiSilvestro we ask what he might say to the student that disbelieves because of their suffering, and we ask how his experience as a as a university professor provided a metaphor for understanding the core message of Christianity?

Dr. Robert DiSilvestro grew up on Long Island. After receiving his bachelor's degree from Purdue, Dr. DiSilvestro received his PhD in biochemistry from Texas A&M. He has spent the last 29 years as a faculty member at OSU, and now as an emeritus professor, Dr. DiSilvestro runs three start up companies based upon his research.

Episode Notes:

  • To learn more about Dr. DiSilvestro you can visit his TTI “faculty fellow” page here.

  • Check back at https://thethompsoninstitute.org/events/ to stay tuned for details about the upcoming event on February 28th entitled: “Are You Free?: Christian and atheist scholars seek to make sense of our innate desire for personal freedom”

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