Welcome and thank you for visiting The Thompson Institute website.

You might be an Ohio State undergraduate or graduate student, a faculty member or administrator, or perhaps someone interested from outside the campus community.

If you come from a non-religious background or practice a faith other than Christianity, we are especially glad you’re here. If there are certain ways you find Christianity confusing or off-putting, know that we seek to consider your point of view and take your questions seriously. There are many misrepresentations and misunderstandings about what Christians believe and why Christians seek to follow Jesus Christ. While we don’t claim to have cornered the market on all truth, we do believe there are many good reasons to believe in and follow Christ. We believe and have experienced that Jesus Christ is the central figure in human history and the center of reality.

If you come from a Christian background, we know there are many competing ideas readily available on campus. The experience of doubt is normal, but should motivate us to greater understanding. Our hope is that through The Thompson Institute you might find greater confidence in your faith, clarity in your thinking, and inspiration to live for Christ and the good of our campus.

Our faculty fellows care deeply about students and faculty and desire that our campus would thrive. We hope our events and the content available on our website and through “The Walk” podcast will help you on your spiritual journey.


Aaron Badenhop
Program Director
The Thompson Institute