Dr. Peter Kreeft - Part 3



Why does the possibility of Jesus’ divinity matter? Didn’t the church just create a divine Jesus?

A conversation with Dr. Peter Kreeft

Episode Description:

In Part 3 of our interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft, we ask why does the possibility of Jesus’ divinity matter, what are the real possibilities of Jesus’ identity, and didn’t the church just create a divine Jesus?

Dr. Peter Kreeft is one of the most influential Christian philosophers of his generation. He recently visited The Ohio State University to participate in a dialogue with an atheist chemist named Dr. Ivana Nikolic Hughes about the value of human beings. After receiving his PhD from Fordham University with post-graduate studies at Yale, he has been a professor at Boston College since 1965. Having written more than 75 books with more on the way, Dr. Kreeft has been a prolific author. So what has made Dr. Kreeft so influential? He is able to take very complex arguments and ideas, and yet simplify them in a compelling way, all without over-simplifying. Thousands of skeptics, spiritual seekers, and believers from around the world have looked to Professor Kreeft as a significant spiritual guide and resource. It is our privilege to share with you our interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft.

Episode Notes:

The Walk is a production of The Thompson Institute, a program of Cru at Ohio State
Produced by Aaron Badenhop & Jordan Browning
Edited by Seth Costello & 
Lukas Moreland
Music by Jordan Browning
Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kreeft