Dr. Peter Kreeft - Part 4



Even if the arguments for Jesus’ divinity make sense, aren’t Jesus’ followers awful people?

A conversation with Dr. Peter Kreeft

Episode Description:

In the last episode which briefly closes out our interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft, philosopher at Boston College, we ask what he would say to those that reject Christianity because Christians can be awful people, and is Christianity’s claim credible that God gives believers a “new heart”?

Dr. Peter Kreeft is one of the most influential Christian philosophers of his generation. He recently visited The Ohio State University to participate in a dialogue with an atheist chemist named Dr. Ivana Nikolic Hughes about the value of human beings. After receiving his PhD from Fordham University with post-graduate studies at Yale, he has been a professor at Boston College since 1965. Having written more than 75 books with more on the way, Dr. Kreeft has been a prolific author. So what has made Dr. Kreeft so influential? He is able to take very complex arguments and ideas, and yet simplify them in a compelling way, all without over-simplifying. Thousands of skeptics, spiritual seekers, and believers from around the world have looked to Professor Kreeft as a significant spiritual guide and resource. It is our privilege to share with you our interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft.

Episode Notes:

  • Dr. Peter Kreeft’s website, filled with great resources, is peterkreeft.com
  • In this episode Dr. Kreeft mentions C.S. Lewis’ classic book called Mere Christianity (we cannot commend this book to you enough)

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