Dr. Gregory Ganssle - Part 1



Could you tell us about your spiritual journey, your interest in philosophy, and about your latest book?

A conversation with Dr. Gregory Ganssle

Episode Description:

Dr. Gregory Ganssle is a philosopher that recently visited the campus of The Ohio State University to participate in a special event of the The Thompson Institute entitled: Are You Free?: Christian and atheist scholars seek to make sense of our innate desire for personal freedom. Dr. Ganssle spent 9 years teaching philosophy at Yale and is now a professor at Tablbot School of Theology in Southern California. An author of several significant books, Dr. Ganssle isn’t just knowledgeable, he is also humble and very thought-provoking. Now, our interview with Dr. Gregory Ganssle.

Episode Notes:

The Walk is a production of The Thompson Institute, a program of Cru at Ohio State
Produced by Aaron Badenhop & Jordan Browning
Edited by Seth Costello & Lukas Moreland
Music by Jordan Browning
Special thanks to Dr. Gregory Ganssle