Prof. Scott LaCross- Part 1



“Tell us about your story and what advice do you have about preparing for your career.”

A conversation with Prof. Scott LaCross

Episode Description:

Our next guest on The Walk podcast is Scott LaCross, a senior lecturer in marketing in the Fisher College of Business at OSU. When Prof. LaCross arrived at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to pursue his undergraduate degree, he didn’t have his mind set on becoming a university professor. It was a winding journey of several different jobs from Christian ministry to the business world, receiving his MBA from Northern Illinois University, before he ended up teaching marketing classes in Fisher. Yet professor LaCross has learned a lot along the way and has found his niche instructing undergraduate students, preparing them for “the real world.” Students in Fisher seek out his classes, as they know they will find someone that is knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. Without further ado, our interview with Scott LaCross.

Episode Notes:

The Walk is a production of The Thompson Institute, a program of Cru at Ohio State
Produced by Aaron Badenhop & Jordan Browning
Edited by Seth Costello & Lukas Moreland
Music by Jordan Browning
Special thanks to Prof. Scott LaCross