Dr. Irene Hatsu - Part 1



What inspires your work in human nutrition?

A conversation with Dr. Irene Hatsu

Episode Description:

Our next guest on "The Walk" podcast is Dr. Irene Hatsu. Dr. Hatsu is a professor and researcher at Ohio State in the field of human nutrition, having received her PhD from Florida International University. Growing up in Ghana in West Africa, Dr. Hatsu’s journey to being a professor at OSU is far from typical. Her experiences seeing impoverished children in orphanages in Ghana set her on a journey, not to climb the academic ladder for her own sake, but to use her intellectual giftedness to benefit those in need. A colleague in her department had this to say about her:

“Dr. Hatsu radiates a strength that gives comfort and confidence to all who have the privilege of operating under her leadership. She helps others to achieve their goals, while humbly dismissing any credit she might receive for the vital role she plays. Most of all, she cares for those she works with on all levels - academic, emotional, social, and spiritual.”

In part 1 of our interview with Dr. Hatsu, we ask about her work in human nutrition, what inspires her to do what she does, and we ask about her journey of faith in Christ.

Episode Notes:

A fellow faculty member in Human Nutrition said this about her:

“Dr. Irene Hatsu is a Christian faculty who has a strong desire to see Christ glorified in her life and in her work. She truly cares about her students and her colleagues. She is a gifted mentor who has the ability to identify and cultivate her students’ strengths and assist them in reaching their full potential. Irene’s research focuses on improving the nutritional status of individuals in our society who are most vulnerable to food insecurity. In her research and in her relationships, Irene is a person who pursues truth and demonstrates love as she follows Jesus Christ.”

A great resource for someone interested in the intersection of science and faith is Monopolizing Knowledge by Dr. Ian Hutchinson

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