Dr. James KA Smith - Part 3



Are we haunted by God in our secular age?

A conversation with Dr. James KA Smith

Episode Description:

We continue our conversation with Dr. James KA Smith, a philosophy professor at Calvin College and a speaker on college campuses across the country. On today's episode, we talk about life in a secular society, and we ask what it means that we might be haunted by God, and is freedom from any sort of constraint of our desires and wants, really freedom?

Episode Notes:

  • For more on Dr. Smith, visit: jameskasmith.com
  • In this episode, we make reference to Dr. Smith’s book called How (Not) To Be Secularhe describes this book as “your hitchhiker's guide to the present."
  • Dr. Smith’s book seeks to summarize and popularize another work by philosopher Charles Taylor called A Secular Age
  • For further study, Colin Hansen has edited a new release also reflecting on Taylor’s work called Our Secular Age

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