Dr. Peter VanDerPuy - Part 2



Do we really live in a story of human progress and is there anything to learn from ancient peoples?

A conversation with Dr. Peter VanDerPuy

Episode Description:

In this episode of the Walk podcast we ask Dr. VanDerPuy about why the typical student should consider taking history seriously, and we ask if there is any truth to the idea that the human story is one of progress that considers ancient peoples to be primitive and naive.

Dr. VanDerPuy is an ancient historian at Ohio State, teaching courses in the world of antiquity and its literature. Originally from the state of Washington, Dr. VanDerPuy moved to Great Britain where he received a masters degree from the world renowned Oxford. He received his PhD from Ohio State and is an expert on the Roman Republic. But Dr. VanDerPuy is not a stereotypical history professor, no offense to history professors. He is simultaneously highly intelligent yet social, laid back, humble. He’s the type of guy you want to get stuck across the table from at a dinner party because you know the conversation will be meaningful and interesting.

Episode Notes:

  • If you’re interested in exploring more how the Enlightenment story of human progress fails to account for the problems of evil and injustice in the world, take a look at Evil and the Justice of God by ancient historian and theologian N.T. Wright.

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